Wednesday, April 25, 2012

STYLE//Fold Pants Cuff

Style//Fold Pants Cuff

This is noting new, but worth for a write.

Trends of folding pants cuff (or roll pants cuff) is spreading like wild fire in the past 3-4 years. It has became an essential style tricks for any hipsters to gentlemen.

But what's the history behind of this?

Actually it started way back in 50's-60's. Some notable icon that present this style are Elvis, James Dean & Marlon Brando.
But it fades and come back again in the 80's. It reappear in WHAM! MTV by the title of WHAM! RAP. This time it is not only for men, but women as well.

In late 2000's famous brand like Marc Jacobs and Dsquared have bring this style back to life. 
Since then folding-your-pants-cuff style has never stop until now. This trend even featured in NY Times and Wall Street Journal.

Ironically, if you put on this style you will definitely get question by the elders," Where's the flood?" 

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