Thursday, April 26, 2012

Marios Button Up

Marios Button Up

Dudes from King of Gamers came out with their new fashion line, and that is Mario Bros on you shirt.

With like 8 bit kind of Mario Bros embroidery in from and back, it fully presents the original flavor of the characters.  

Shirt comes in 2 colors, they are baby blue and baby pink. Sizes ranging from size XS to XL which fits ladies too!

Notably behind the bottom of the shirts' it has a silk screen word print of "Fantastic Adventure" with The King of Gamers.

For more info, check their site out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

STYLE//Fold Pants Cuff

Style//Fold Pants Cuff

This is noting new, but worth for a write.

Trends of folding pants cuff (or roll pants cuff) is spreading like wild fire in the past 3-4 years. It has became an essential style tricks for any hipsters to gentlemen.

But what's the history behind of this?

Actually it started way back in 50's-60's. Some notable icon that present this style are Elvis, James Dean & Marlon Brando.
But it fades and come back again in the 80's. It reappear in WHAM! MTV by the title of WHAM! RAP. This time it is not only for men, but women as well.

In late 2000's famous brand like Marc Jacobs and Dsquared have bring this style back to life. 
Since then folding-your-pants-cuff style has never stop until now. This trend even featured in NY Times and Wall Street Journal.

Ironically, if you put on this style you will definitely get question by the elders," Where's the flood?" 

Monday, April 23, 2012

1996//Louis Vuitton & Helmut Lang Celebrate

Louis Vuitton & Helmut Lang Celebrate

Grand Master Flash feat in Louis Vuitton 100th year monogram.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bring Back The Dead Technology//Tupac in Coachella 2012

Bring Back The Dead Technology//Tupac in Coachella 2012

How the dead is bring back to live?

Tupac in Coachella

As we all know 2 PAC (Tupac) has been long gone. What surprise us was the 2 PAC performance with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg in this year Coachella! With the technology behind, people from AV Concepts has brought 2 Pac back to live on stage!
Let's have a look how this thing works.

The Holograms?
It's actually not a hologram... sorry guys. Its an enhanced version of mid 19 century tricks known as "Pepper's Ghost".

Roxanne Palmer at the International Business TImes made this infographic that clearly illustrated how the whole hologram shenanigans worked. AV Concepts, the company behind the fauxlogram, used Musion Systems Ltd.'s Musion Eyeliner setup to project a 2D animated Tupac onto an invisible (to the audience) screen to make him look 3D. [IBTimes]

The Video

2 PAC with Snoop Dogg - Live in Coachella

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

007//MUST LISTEN: STUART PRICE a.k.a Les Rythmes Digitales, Thin White Duke, Jacques Lu Cont, etc.

007//MUST LISTEN: STUART PRICE a.k.a Les Rythmes Digitales, Thin White Duke, Jacques Lu Cont, etc.

Who is Stuart Price?

Stuart Price, an English lad who got to known as Les Rythmes Digitales, Think White Duke, Jacques Lu Cont, Paper Faces, Man with Guitar and member of Zoot Women.

Duke's Story
Price's use of the names Jacques Lu Cont and Les Rythmes Digitales was initially a reference to the explosion in demand for French house in the United Kingdom during the 1980s and 1990s; artists such as Daft Punk, Etienne de Crécy, Dimitri from Paris and Air were all experiencing surges in popularity. Price even went as far as to conduct interviews with British journalists in French via an interpreter. In interviews from around this time, Price also claimed that he had grown up listening exclusively to classical music, until one day encountering the album Dare by the Human League. He also claimed to be a huge Pet Shop Boys fan, since he got his first synthesiser making him able to play songs such as "West End Girls". Certainly, Price was heavily influenced by music from the 1980s, and all his records and sideprojects bear a heavy debt to the 80s sounds of synthpop bands.

As a Producer
Price has produced, and at times co-written, numerous songs for popular artists. Price has also remixed and re-produced numerous songs under his own name as well as the names Thin White Duke (originally used by David Bowie), Jacques Lu Cont, and Les Rhythmes Digitales. Other aliases include Man with Guitar and Paper Faces (an alias for him and Adam Blake of the band Zoot Woman). Price's remixes are characterised by club-lead beats with arpeggios, riffs, and vocal lines faded and filtered throughout the song for a climactic effect. He favours keeping the original vocal arrangement of songs and re-contextualizing the lyrical content in creating his new versions.

Work with Madonna
Price is best known for his work with Madonna which spanned almost a decade culminating in Madonna's tenth studio album Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005). He began collaborating with Madonna as musical director for her 2001 Drowned World Tour after remixing some of the tracks on her Music album via Mirwais. He reprised the role for her 2004 Re-Invention World Tour and 2006 Confessions Tour. Price created remixes for the album's singles "Hung Up", "Sorry" (under the Man with Guitar alias), "Get Together", and "Jump", as well as the album tracks "I Love New York" and "Let It Will Be" (under the Paper Faces alias). Price co-wrote the song "X-Static Process" for Madonna's 2003 album American Life. Price has also remixed the Madonna songs "Hollywood" from American Life and "Miles Away" from the album Hard Candy. Madonna chose his remix of "Hollywood" for her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Missy Elliott.

Work with The Killers
Price's work with The Killers began with his remix of their hit single "Mr. Brightside", released under the Thin White Duke name. Subsequently, Price remixed the song "When You Were Young", the first single from The Killers album "Sam's Town". Price produced two of the tracks re-recorded for the release of The Killers' B-sides album, Sawdust: "Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf" and "Sweet Talk". His remix of "Mr. Brightside" appeared as a bonus track on that release. Price went on to produce The Killers' third studio album, "Day & Age", released on 24 November 2008. He also created an extended remix of the lead single "Human" released under the Thin White Duke name. Price also worked for The Killers vocalist Brandon Flowers' debut solo album Flamingo, producing most of the songs on it, including the second single "Only the Young". The album was released on September 6 in the UK and Ireland and September 14 in the US and Canada.

Other production work
Price was the album producer on Seal's fifth studio album System, which was released in November 2007. He also co-wrote several of the album's songs. Price was among the producers of Keane's album Perfect Symmetry, which was released in October 2008.
Price was also reported to be working with New Order's Bernard Sumner on a "synthesiser album". However, it appears the project has been shelved.
Price co-produced the new Scissor Sisters album, released on 28 June 2010, entitled Night Work. The first track to be released from the album is "Invisible Light", which can be previewed at the Scissor Sisters website. The first official single off the album was "Fire With Fire", followed by "Any Which Way".
Price is the executive producer for Kylie Minogue's 11th studio album titled Aphrodite which was released on 5 July 2010. On 11 June, the hit single "All the Lovers" was released, and later "Get Outta My Way", which was remixed by Price into an extended version.


007//MUSIK// The Killers - Mr Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)

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